·         The Compliance Manager:

o       Will be responsible for the compliance management processes and infrastructure as a key enabler to achieve the business’ strategic objectives.

o       Will advise Senior Managements on appropriate compliance management strategies and will be accountable for the implementation of the compliance management frameworks for STANLIB and the monitoring thereof.



·          Develop and maintain an appropriate Compliance Management Frameworks.

·          Develop and review policies, procedures and processes continuously to ensure that they comply with the Compliance Management Frameworks.

·          Develop and implement an effective compliance management reporting system.

·          Continuously track and report on financial related performance metrics against regulatory and performance or compliance requirements and make relevant recommendations.

·          Ensure that STANLIB’s strategic plans provide due consideration to the relevant factors based on the compliance management framework.



·          Assist with the communication and implementation of the Compliance Framework.

·          Assess and approve all policies, procedures, practices, compliance documents, risk management plans, disaster recovery plans, etc. prior to implementation. Effectively implement and monitor Compliance Management policies, procedures and processes.

·          Ensure the establishment of an appropriate compliance risk reporting system and that all compliance reports are concise, accurate and timely, highlighting ratios and trends that may signal existing or potential problems.

·          Implement an appropriate process for the timely reporting of compliance risks to the STANLIB Group Executive: Legal, Risk and Compliance.

·          Ensure that all agreements, security documents, contracts, service level agreements and other compliance documents comply with legislation, regulations.

·          Work closely with business units to establish, maintain and continuously improve compliance management capabilities.

·          Ensure effective alignment between compliance management processes, internal and external audit.

·          Evaluate and ensure that the new product development process is in line with the Compliance Framework and laws and regulations.

·          Manage and control the Compliance Risk Registers and the implementation of agreed action plans.

·          Ensure that quality of service is provided by external consultants, and other professionals used by the business.

·          Interpret and apply applicable financial services regulation, including influencing business and compliance process amendments, setting policy, applying compliance risk management plans and compliance monitoring plans.

·          Deliver the regulatory training and communication programme to the business.

·          Deliver the risk-based compliance monitoring programme for the business based on industry best practice and, where appropriate, benchmarked against global standards.

·          Manage and direct the fieldwork required in terms of a risk-based compliance monitoring programme and to co-ordinate the resultant reporting to relevant governance structures.

·          Deliver accurate and timeous interpretation of regulation, business rules and compliance policies.

·          Investigate any breaches of internal compliance controls and enforce corrective action including conflict of interest (business and personal) codes as adopted by the Group.

·          Manage regulatory engagements, inspections and reporting including but not limited to the regulatory authorities.

·          Liaise with internal and external audit and CIS trustees.

·          Provide independent assurances to existing and potential stakeholders regarding STANLIB’s compliance environment.

·          Actively participate in professional industry bodies.

·          Contribute to STANLIB’s strategy and business planning.

·          Support the reporting to the relevant statutory bodies in Africa as well as governance structures within STANLIB.


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