All you need to know about joining the Compliance Institute.


  1. Receipt of a membership application by our offices is taken as confirmation that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of membership
  2. New and lapsed memberships are subject to a REGISTRATION FEE
  3. A tax invoice for the registration fee and annual membership fee will be issued upon receipt of the membership application
  4. Invoices are COD
  5. Cancellations:
  6. Non payment of an invoice will NOT be accepted as a cancellation of a membership application
  7. You acknowledge that membership to the Institute is on an individual basis only and as such you are personally responsible for ensuring the payment of all monies due the Compliance Institute and will be held personally liable for non payment of any and all invoices issued in your name
  8. Membership is not transferable
  9. Membership fees are revised annually and will be communicated to members in writing
  10. Membership Fees not received within the stipulated time frame will result in the Finance Policy being enforced
  11. No refund will be made on resignation for subscription payments received
  12. Rates are inclusive of VAT, which is payable on all services directed from South Africa
  13. Privileges of membership are detailed in 'Benefits'
  14. The membership year begins on the first day of the month of original application and runs for 12 months
  15. Membership is renewable annually via the online 'Renew Membership' link under your membership profile
  16. Expired memberships not renewed within 60 days of the date of expiry will lapse and shall be deleted from the database.
  17. Deleted members will be subject to the registration fee upon reapplication
  18. Terms and Conditions of membership may be revised from time to time and such updates will be posted to the website
  19. Company, contact and any other details, as provided by you, are held on a central database and are deemed as being true and correct
  20. It shall be your responsibility to update your information on the website and inform the Compliance Institute SA, in writing, of any changes viz. change of address, telephone numbers, etc
  21. You must keep your password confidential and, in the event that you have compromised such information, we shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you in any way whatsoever
  22. You acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Compliance Institute SA's Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
  23. You consent to the Compliance Institute checking individual credit records with any credit reference agency
  24. You consent to the Compliance Institute SA carrying out identity, fraud prevention and sharing information relating to this application through the South African Fraud Prevention Service
  25. You consent to the Compliance Institute SA carrying out education history checks
  26. You consent to the Compliance Institute SA carrying out employment reference checks
  27. You confirm that you are aware that there is an annual membership fee and that this will be paid on receipt of a tax invoice from the Institute
  28. Our website will be the definitive source for updated information
  29. All intellectual property is owned by or licensed to the Compliance Institute SA, and may not be used without our prior written consent
  30. In terms of Chapter 3 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, in visiting our website and/or communicating with us by electronic means, you acknowledge that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communication sent by us satisfy any legal requirement including and not limited to the requirement that such communication should be in writing
  31. Any other communication which you may be sent via the method of communication selected by you on the Membership application form and updated by you from time to time
  32. You may not cede, delegate or otherwise transfer any rights or obligations arising from these Terms and Conditions without our prior approval, which approval will be given at our sole discretion
  33. Each time you renew your Membership, the version of the Terms and Conditions current at that time will apply
  34. You hereby acknowledge that you have familiarised yourself with the current Terms and Conditions, which will be displayed on our website
  35. This site may provide links to other websites, as a convenience to you. Compliance Institute SA is not responsible for the content of any linked site and the inclusion of any link on this site does not imply endorsement by Compliance Institute SA of any other websites or their products or services