Recognised, Independent Professional Body

The Compliance Institute SA is a South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognised professional body and has two registered professional designations:
Compliance Practitioner (CPrac)
Compliance Professional (CProf)


The CPrac (SA) designation focuses on the practical aspects of compliance.

Please note that passing the Board Exam is not the only requirement to obtain a designation. The Board Exam forms part of an integrated assessment process which includes work experience requirements which must be met. Only candidates who meet the qualification and relevant work experience requirements will be permitted to write the Board Exam.

Minimum requirements for Compliance Practitioner

The requirements determine whether a member is eligible to receive, retain, renew or lose a professional designation. This ensures that awarding or revoking of the designation is transparent and consistent in terms of range, depth and difficulty.

The awarding criteria are based on the following:
    • Membership requirements, such as good standing, acceptance of the code of ethics and professional conduct
    • Education requirements & Work experience requirements refer to this document
    • Board Exam results

Process to register for Board Exam I

  • Step 1 – Login as a member
  • Step 2 – Register for exam
  • Step 3 – Submit Portfolio of Evidence for assessment to be eligible to write the exam (what does a PoE consist of?)
  • Step 4 – Invoicing & payment
  • Step 5 – PoE assessment and outcome
  • Step 6 – Attend the Board Prep Session
  • Step 7 – Write the exam
NB: CPrac Assessment Questionnaire

Exam venue Registration closing date Exam Date
Board Exam I JHB  31 May 2019 02 October 2019 
Board Exam I DBN 31 May 2019 03 October 2019 
Board Exam I CPT 31 May 2019 03 October 2019


Board exam fee: The fee as listed below is payable in full upon receipt of invoice and includes VAT.

There is a non-refundable assessment fee of R1,150.00 to evaluate if you meet the eligibility requirements to write the exam. If you are eligible, a Board Exam fee of R4,190.00 is payable at the latest three (3) months before the Board Exam date. Click here for more details on the fees payable

Please send an email to if you have any queries about the Board exam.