Recognised, Independent Professional Body

The Compliance Institute SA is a South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recognised professional body and has two registered professional designations:
Compliance Practitioner (CPrac)
Compliance Professional (CProf)


The Compliance Institute Southern Africa awards professional designations to its members who meet the criteria. In terms of the Institute’s Awards Policy, designated members must possess an acceptable level of applied professional competence.

The Institute recognises that members may undergo in-house training and may similarly approach third-party providers to further their level of competence and maintain the mandatory number of CPD hours. Members and providers are encouraged to apply to the Compliance Institute for approval of their training.

Please note that Affiliate members, i.e. pre-designated members, are also required to maintain a certain number of CPD hours. (Please refer to the CPD Policy)

The CPD reporting is a two-year period from obtaining the designation.
In the event they are chosen, the onus lies with the member to keep a record of their activities as well as attendance to CPD events e.g. signed attendance register, certificate etc. as this may be required for audit purposes