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Our various committees ensure that the needs of our members and stakeholders are identified and met and that our offerings remain relevant.

Audit and Risk Committee (ARC)

The Committee ’s role is to act on behalf of the Board and oversee all material aspects of the Institute’s financial reporting, risk management, internal control and audit functions, except those specifically related to the responsibilities of another standing committee of the Board. 

Education Training and Professionalism (ETP) Committee

The ETP committee ensures that the Institute's training and development programs are relevant to the challenges faced by Compliance Officers today.  


Financial Sector Steering Committee  

This Steering Committee oversees and guides the FAIS Forum and all financial sector working groups that may be necessary from time to time, e.g. the COFI working group. One of the main objectives of the working groups is to provide feedback on developing / new legislation to the relevant regulator. This Steering Committee is also the 'face' of the Institute at the CISA / FSCA committee with whom we have quarterly meetings. 

ICT Interest Group

The purpose of this interest group is to create awareness of, and interest in compliance in the ICT / Fintech space, to share knowledge, empower Compliance Officers in the ICT sector, to influence regulation as necessary and to assist and enable regulators to issue practice notes that are more aligned with the status of the industry.

Public Sector Interest Group

This committee promotes compliance standards in the Public Sector. We aim for all levels of the public sector (including SOEs) to be represented in this committee. It is early days and we invite anyone in the Public Sector who is responsible for compliance, to join this Interest Group. Send your request to 

Social Ethics Remuneration and Nominations Committee (SERN)

The Committee’s role is to act on behalf of the Board and oversee all material Social Ethics Remuneration and Nominations (SERN) aspects of the Institute.

Read the SERN Charter

Young Professionals Committee (previously Youth Committee)

This committee provides an opportunity for youth members to guide developments and initiatives at the Institute that are important to the young professionals. The committee oversees, inter alia, the two young professionals open days that are held every year as well as the mentoring program.  This committee also serves as a pipeline for potential future Board members. The Chairperson of this committee attends our Board meetings as part of our development of young leaders in the compliance field.