Occupational Qualification


The Institute has developed the Occupational Certificate: Compliance Officer (NQF 6) which consists of 240 credits. It is approved by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

An occupational qualification is a qualification associated with a trade, occupation or profession, resulting from work-based learning and consisting of the knowledge, practical skills and work experience standards as defined in the curriculum. It differs from an academic-style qualification in that the work experience forms part of the credits of the qualification. In short, if the learner does not have the work experience detailed in the curriculum, s/he cannot obtain the qualification. A certain part of the work experience may be simulated.  

Skills Development Providers

The following Skills Development Providers (SDPs) have been approved by the QCTO to offer this qualification and work closely with the Institute in delivering the qualification to learners. The providers may be contacted directly for details on the requirements and intake details.

For a list of all QCTO Approved Skills Development Providers click here. If you are interested in becoming a Skills Development Provider for the Occupational certificate : Compliance Officer (NQF 6), please contact the QCTO and copy the Institute on professionalism@compliancesa.com

Assessment Centre

The Compliance Institute Southern Africa is also the approved Assessment Centre for this qualification. Click here for a link to all QCTO Accredited Assessment Centres and sites.

External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA) (the final exam)

  • Learners will only be allowed to register for the EISA once they have successfully completed the Knowledge, Practical and Work Experience modules of the curriculum, and have been issued with a Statement of Results (SoR) by an accredited Skills Development Provider (SDP).
  • To register for the EISA, learners must submit a completed EISA Exam Registration Form and attach a copy of their ID document and the Statement of Results to the Institute. 
  • The EISA is offered at least once per annum. Visit our online calendar for the dates. 
  • The examination fee of R4,190 (incl VAT) is excluded from the course fee and is payable to the Institute upon receipt of invoice. Entry to the exam is only provided once all outstanding balances have been paid. 
  • The exam is offered in English.
Exam Venue: CI SA Virtual
Exam date: 07 June 2022
Registrations open: 22 October 2021
Registration closing date: 01 April 2022
Exam Prep date: 08 April 2022
Register here


Please consult the Appeals Policy  and complete the Appeals Form should you wish to appeal your results, or any other matter related to the EISA.

You are welcome to contact professionalism@compliancesa.com or enquiries@compliancesa.com if you have any queries.