What is the Young Professionals Mentorship Progamme?

If you are 35 years of age or younger? However if you are older than 35 and believe that you have a compelling reason for consideration, kindly apply with a motivation in your application form.  

Are you mentor material?

Building connections between experience and youth...developing the future of compliance - Get involved!

Complete the mentor application form , Code of Conduct, and the volunteer form which indicates the volunteer opportunities available and the requirements. Kindly email your forms and CV to professionalism@compliancesa.com.

Join the Young Professionals Mentorship Programme 

Become a mentee. Complete the mentee application form and email it together with your updated CV to  professionalism@compliancesa.com.                   
IntakesMentorship programme - November 2022 closed.                                                            Next open Day: 15 June 2023