Work Labs

We have developed the work labs to provide work experience in the four phases of the compliance risk management process, i.e. compliance risk identification, measurement, management and monitoring. Classes are held virtually.  

Who will benefit from the work labs?

Whether you are curious about compliance, need work experience in certain aspects of compliance, want to know more, or start a career in compliance, these labs are tailored for you. It also provides an opportunity for compliance managers who want to support their employees' personal development.

What are the benefits of attending the work labs?

The benefits include:

  • Supplements workplace-based experience
  • Provides for practical experience and exposure to a particular compliance phase
  • Assists with a limited amount of work experience as part of the Portfolio of Evidence (POE) for the CPrac (SA) designation and the Occupational Certificate: Compliance Officer (NQF 6). 
  • Completion of the work labs should also enhance a delegate's CV by increasing his/her work experience in those compliance phases.
  • Successful delegates will receive a certificate of work experience for the hours relating to the specific compliance phase(s).

NB! The experience gained in the work labs will not satisfy all the criteria for the Occupational Certificate: Compliance Officer (NQF 6), or the CPrac (SA) designation.

Entry Requirements:

For attendees to derive full benefit from these labs, the minimum requirements are:

  •  Ideally, learners must be working in a compliance role.


  • Learners must have done the related Compliance Institute training course that corresponds to the specific work lab, i.e.
  1. The Introduction to Compliance course for the Regulatory Universe and Risk Profile work lab;
  2. The Compliance Risk Management Plan (CRMP) course for the CRMP work lab; and
  3. The Compliance Monitoring course for the Compliance Monitoring work lab.

Click here for the Brochure for more in-depth detail to the work labs programme, entry requirements and booking procedures.

Here are the new dates for the 2020 work labs and the related fundamentals webinar or on-demand courses.  

Work Labs Price list July 2020.