Membership and Benefits

The Institute is recognised by SAQA as the Professional Body for Compliance Officers. Many employers require membership of the Institute as a prerequisite for employment as a compliance officer.
Your membership puts you in touch with a network of top compliance officers and provides access to a range of benefits that will position you for a rewarding career in compliance and set you apart.  
There are no specific minimum requirements, other than complying with our code of ethics and proving student membership, if you opt for a student membership type. If you are interested in a career in compliance, you are welcome to become a member. Everyone's starting point is different, but with the Institute's guidance, training and designation offerings, you can build the career of your choice.  

Thought leadership and continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Access to the Generally Accepted Compliance Practice (GACP) framework, containing essential Principles, Standards and Guidelines
  • Access to a principles-based Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Training courses covering topics that are relevant today
  • Access to the Contemporary Gazette legal database
  • Subscription to the Compliance Institute SA newsletters 
Certification (local and international)
 The Institute has a fully fledged professionalism programme which includes two SAQA-recognised designations:
  • Compliance Practitioner CPrac (SA)
  • Compliance Professional CProf (SA)
  • International Certified Compliance Professional (ICCP)
The Institute is a member of the International Federation of Compliance Associations (IFCA). When you hold our designations, you also qualify for the International Certified Compliance Professional (ICCP) certificate. 

Compliance-dedicated qualification

  • An Occupational Qualification for Compliance Officers which is currently offered through a number of QCTO-approved Skills Development Providers (SDP's). We offer the final exam for this qualification. 
Financial benefits
  • Discounts on annual conferences and training courses are held which not only provides the ability to accumulate CPD hours, but also provide excellent networking opportunities
  • Member discounted rates for conferences, forums and workshops
  • Member discounted rates for fundamental and advanced CPD training courses
  • Free CPD opportunities, e.g. Business Brief subscription, discussion forums
Networking and career advancement
  • Career Portal - Job Advertising 
  • Members have the opportunity to participate in industry-related sub-committees and working groups that serves as networking opportunities with individuals in the compliance field.
Have your say
  • Members in good standing may vote at the Institute’s Annual General Meeting and are eligible to be nominated and voted onto the Board of Directors.