Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

CPD for Designation Holders

The Compliance Institute Southern Africa awards SAQA-recognised designations to its members who meet the criteria. In terms of the Institute’s Awards and CPD Policies, designated members must possess and maintain an acceptable level of applied professional competence.

The overriding requirement is that a designated member is responsible for his/her own competency and should seek out opportunities that support his/her personal development. Although not a requirement, Affiliate members, i.e. non-designated members, are also encouraged to maintain a certain number of CPD hours. Please refer to the CPD policy (see link below) for more information. The CPD reporting cycle runs over a two-year period, of which the previous one was  January 2020 - December 2021. 

Calculating CPD for designation holders in the current period: is calculated pro-rata from the award date of their designation (see the policy for the calculation guidelines). 

As from 1 January 2022 the new CPD cycle starts and the Institute will be moving over to a continuous CPD compliance cycle for designation holders , with a 6-month reprieve period until end June 2022 to allow members to adjust to the new CPD system and remedy any shortfall at the end of the previous 2-year cycle.  

Members must upload their CPD as soon as it is earned in order to retain record accuracy and must retain evidence of CPD hours claimed for a period of 5 years for audit purposes, e.g. signed attendance register, certificate etc.

Members need to sign the CPD declaration form  found on their main dashboard once logged into the self-serve platform

How do I check my CPD?

To check your CPD status and upload CPD earned, log into your profile on our self-serve platform and click on the CPD page. 

CPD for Training Providers

Training Providers may apply to the Institute to have their compliance-related training programmes accredited by the Institute by sending their application forms below to  


Corporates Annual Fee: R13,000.00 per annum incl.VAT

Private Providers and Public Institutions:

  • Annual Fee: R4,500.00 incl.VAT
  • Newsletter approval: R650.00 per edition incl.VAT
  • Article approval: R350.00 per article incl.VAT
  • Training events: R350.00 per CPD hour incl.VAT
  • * 15% VAT applied.