Compliance Practitioner (SA) CPrac (SA)

The CPrac (SA) designation focuses on the practical aspects of compliance and is awarded to candidates who meet the relevant knowledge (evidenced by a qualification) and work experience requirements. In the delivery of this service to you we will be required to collect and process certain personal information. Please read our privacy statement.  

THE REQUIREMENTS: Check if you are eligible!
There are now 2 pathways to the CPrac (SA) designation, which is determined by our advisors when they evaluate the POE and supporting documents. , which is the most important step in the application process:
  • Board Exam; OR
  • Recognition of Prior learning (RPL) - Note you will need to exceed the the minimum work experience to be considered for this pathway. You will also be required to submit additional evidence, supporting documentation / information upon the request of the assessor and / or be available for an interview, if required as part of the Work Experience Portfolio of Evidence. 
  • Whichever pathway is selected by the advisor, this will remain your pathway for the duration of your designation journey and may not switch between Board exam and RPL. 


  • Step 1 – Register for the designation  
  • Step 2 –  Complete and commission the POE, provide supporting documentation and certified copies of qualifications
  • Step 3 - Login to the self-serve platform, choose the CPrac (SA) page tab to Upload your POE & supporting documentation.
  • Step 4 – Invoicing of POE assessment & payment required.

  • Step 5 – POE assessment by advisor. You may be requested to provide additional information, kindly timeously provide this to allow your POE to be assessed. 
  • Step 6 a - You will be provided with feedback on which of the two outcomes you qualify for i.e.
      1. You can continue with the RPL process.
      2. You can continue and will need to sit for a Board exam.
  • Step 6 b  - Alternatively if the advisor believes you are 'not ready' for either pathway, you will be advised of the gaps, with recommendations to become 'ready'. 

Board Exam channel: See next exam date(s) below
Step 7: You will be invoiced for the Board Exam fee. Click here for more details on the fees payable and terms & conditions.

Step 8: Once payment has been received, you will be sent the material and then booked for the Prep session, Dry-run and the next available Exam Day. 

RPL Channel: RPL applications are processed on an ongoing, monthly basis.

Step 7:  You will be invoiced for the RPL fee and your in-depth assessment of your POE will commence.

  • Note: You may be requested for additional information, evidence or an interview as part of this process.

Step 8: Once the assessment is complete, the assessor will advise if you have been found competent to receive the designation.  

If you are found Not yet Competent at the end of the Board Exam or RPL channel, then we can advise on the next steps to be taken regarding acquiring the necessary deficits identified by the advisor / assessors to re-enter the channel you originally were found eligible for:


Exam preparation:
Upon acceptance into the exam, you will receive a Board exam guide and will be invited to an exam prep session.

We recommend you are familiar with the following material, which forms part of the basis for the Board Exam:

  • Generally Accepted Compliance Practice (GACP) Framework - compliance principles, standards and guidelines
  • Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (included in the GACP)
  • King IV code 

Exam Format: Exam are written virtually using the CI SA exam platform. 

Board exam Registration closing: 30 June 2023
Board Exam Date: 11 October 2023  
Board Exam Prep session: 25 August 2023
Board Exam Technical Dry-run: tba

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The fees listed below are payable in full upon receipt of invoice.

  • There  is a non-refundable assessment fee of R1,250.00 incl. VAT to evaluate if you meet the eligibility requirements to write the exam.
  • Eligible candidates - a Board Exam fee of R4,250.00 incl. VAT is payable at the latest three (3) months before the Board Exam date. 
  • RPL, a fee of R5,050.00 incl.VAT is payable before the process commences.  Click here for more details on the fees payable
  • Board Exam Re-write fee R2,500.00 incl.VAT (only if the PoE does not need to be re-evaluated for any reason).
    • RPL re-submission fee R2,862.00 incl VAT
    • * 15% VAT applied.

    Please send an email to if you have any queries about the Board exam.

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