We take pride in creating a safe and ethical environment for all our members and it is important to us that everyone understands the expectations and standards we hold ourselves to. 

Please note that a membership application/membership renewal and/or event registration is made in your personal capacity and not that of your employer. You are personally responsible for ensuring payment of any and all monies due to the Compliance Institute Southern Africa (“the Institute”).

We encourage you to read through our policies and procedures and contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Membership Terms & Conditions
Membership terms & conditions 
Covers important aspects such as membership eligibility, duration, fees, and renewal procedures

Code of Ethics
Code of ethics & professional conduct
Principles and guidelines that outline the expected behavior and standards of conduct for our members

Disciplinary Policy
Disciplinary policy
A structured framework to address and manage issues of misconduct, poor performance, or violations of rules and regulations by members



Disciplinary Procedure
Disciplinary procedure
The formal steps taken when addressing member misconduct (includes the template to report misconduct)
Annexure A - Standard Reporting Form
Annexure A - Standard reporting form​​​​


Finance Policy
Finance policy 
Guidelines and rules that govern our financial management and decision-making processes


CPD Policy
Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
The CPD requirements are set out in this policy. It includes required hours, eligible interventions, record keeping requirements, etc. 
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation policy
Terms and conditions that outline the rules and procedures for canceling bookings, etc
Privacy Statement
Privacy Statement